Dear Law Enforcement and Sheriff Agencies,

It is a fact that risk factors are always present in the agricultural community by the sheer nature of the industry.  Emergencies and rural crimes can happen at anytime.

  • Down Fences, Fire, Floods
  • Loose Livestock
  • Injured/ill Livestock/Distressed Show Animals
  • Trespassers/Theft of Livestock/Theft of Equipment
  • Farm Accidents
  • Predators/Hunters
  • Weather Related Damage/Injury to Property and Livestock

Many times it is a passerby that becomes the eyes and ears to mitigate a serious situation requiring urgent reporting.  FARM 911® SIGNS can be the source for the information that enables an alert passerby to notify farm owners and, if necessary, law enforcement/first responders of an urgent farm emergency requiring their immediate attention.  The caller would know their location when placing a call with this farm signage contact information.

  • In the case of loose livestock, this FARM 911® SIGN would be of great benefit to help speed up the roundup of loose livestock by locating the rightful livestock owner in a timely manner.  When livestock escape their pastures and enter onto roadways, we know that this is a very dangerous situation.  This communication source will help your officers be able to get back to responding to incoming emergency calls in the county rather than spending countless man hours attempting to contain roaming livestock.

To begin this process and have uniformity and conformity throughout the county, your office could seek a requirement from county officials that would require that these FARM 911® SIGNS be mounted on all outer gates and along continuous intervals of exterior fence lines on all livestock farms.  Livestock owners would be responsible for adding the appropriate contact information to each sign and keeping these signs up to date with this information:

  • address of the sign location
  • county
  • contact
  • phone numbers
  • GPS if applicable

These FARM 911® SIGNS would allow a passerby as well as the Sheriff Office to have the ability to have direct communication with a livestock owner without having to go door to door which can put the Officer or passerby in a dangerous position (especially important during evening and early morning hours when no farm owner wants or expects to hear a knock on their door).  This sign would also solve the problem of officers not being able to go door to door because of locked driveway gates leading to the farmer's home.  If a livestock owner leases his land, he may not live nearby or check this land everyday.  There might not be a posted address.  This signage would alleviate these unknowns.  Many times the down fences or open gates can be spotted and this FARM 911® SIGN with the necessary information would be available at these breached locations.  If a specific farmer is called but not involved with the emergency, he can contact his neighboring farmers and try to find the responsible owner thus saving countless man hours of the Sheriff Department.  These contacted farmers also have the equipment necessary to get loose livestock on a temporary field if necessary.

Livestock owners should appreciate this information source for the reporting of situations requiring their urgent attention thus helping protect their livestock and limiting the possibility of bodily harm to both livestock and those who are in a vehicle.  This signage can help with the communication necessary to get these loose livestock back to their rightful fields.

  • Dealing with the subject of cattle and equipment theft: suspicious activity does precede theft committed by a stranger. With FARM 911® SIGNS posted along the fence lines at various intervals, a passerby has the ability to contact the farmer or sheriff with the correct address of the perceived suspicious activity while keeping a safe distance.

FARM 911® SIGNS are the simple, economical and common sense approach to help mitigate loss on the farm and on the roadways.  As a livestock owner myself, I want to have the assurance that the ability to contact me is in place so that I can act swiftly and accordingly to the farm emergency that has been brought to my attention.

FARM 911® Signage is a resource to help better serve the farmer, Sheriff and surrounding community.  Enable others an opportunity to assist in helping farmers protect their valuable assets and significant financial investments which are their property and their livestock.  It is an information source for greater peace of mind.

Relieve your officers of the tremendous footwork and the hours necessitated in rounding up loose livestock.  Help protect your officers around potentially dangerous animals when they are frightened and confused.  The agricultural community can aid their law enforcement agencies by posting FARM 911® SIGNS along their fence lines and on their gates.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss a plan of action allowing this FARM 911® SIGN to be of service to your officers and your county. Keep safety a priority.


Daren Sue Truex, CEO

FARM 911®, LLC